Nestled in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and just up the road from beautiful Wallowa Lake lies Vali’s Alpine Restaurant.  This restaurant is the dream of my parents, Mike and Maggie Vali.  Mom and Dad never knew each other when they left Hungary during the revolution of 1956.  They met and got married eight years later after starting their new lives in Los Angeles, California.  Dad came from a baking and pastry family and although he worked in the automotive industry for a number of years, he found his way back into the kitchen.  Mom came along for the ride, all the way to Northeast Oregon.

Over forty years later, you’ll find not much has changed except that I now run the kitchen with my wife, Dionne.  We offer one entree ONLY a night including Hungarian classics like Chicken Paprikas and Kettle Goulash with Frybread (lángos).  You can still get Schnitzel on Sundays and hot fresh homemade doughnuts just like Dad’s on the weekends!  Our menu remains virtually untouched, except we mix it up on Friday nights with a rotation of a wide variety of entrees. My mom, Maggie, has retired, but she'll be here from time to time just to give our guests a bad time!  Yeah, you’ll feel just like you’re eating in our home and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  We look forward to seeing you at the restaurant.

Michael Vali