making reservations:

  1. Select your date on the calendar to the left. In the “Persons” box, highlight the “1” and change it to the number of persons in your party.

  2. Select your choice of dinner and the time.

  3. Click “Continue”.

  4. Fill in the customer information completely. Be sure to include any notes in the comments section, regarding special occasions, dietary needs or allergies. Click “Continue”.

  5. To complete your reservation, click “Book”.

  6. Your reservation will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation number.  You will also receive an email (be sure to provide the correct email) to confirm your booking. If you do not receive a confirmation, please be sure to call us to make sure we have your reservation. 

dinner reservation and cancellation policy

We understand that plans change, and unforeseen circumstances occur; please let us know If you need to cancel your dinner reservation or decrease/increase your party size by calling 541-432-5691 before your reservation. we prepare our meals based on the reservations we have.  We are a small restaurant committed to providing all of our guests with an exceptional experience. In order to ensure the best experience for each of our guests, please note that reservations will be held for up to 15 minutes. You will forfeit your table if we do not hear from you as we often have a waiting list.